Since this is my 13th post in the “25 posts in 30 days” challenge, I thought I’d give an update on how the challenge is going and what I’ve learned so far.

Today marks day 21 and this is only post 13. It doesn’t take a math wizard to realize I am a bit behind schedule. It also means that over the next nine days, I am going to need to produce 12 posts to reach the target. If the posts were distributed evenly, I should be on post 17 at the moment, so counting this one I am four posts off the pace. Read more »

In my previous post (Tips From a Master: How to Procrastinate Like a Boss), I detailed seven excuses we tell ourselves and others to justify our procrastination. But a post about procrastination is rather useless if all it does is describe the symptoms and none of the cures. Read more »

Over the course of your life, you have learned to master spoken and written language, recognize facial expressions, tell stories, run and jump, tell jokes, understand mathematical concepts, and memorize information. But do you know how you actually learn? Read more »

Learning faster, escaping anxiety, losing weight, getting fit, fighting procrastination, taking charge of your life, finding happiness, alleviating anxiety, finding love, developing self-esteem, dealing with grief, tapping your potential – the “quick fix pillars on which the self help industry stands, and thrives. Read more »